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She always dreamed of becoming a chef; after managing company-owned restaurants for decades, he dreamed of one day, owning his own café. After looking for a retail location since 2016, they figured they’d start off with a farmers market style kitchen in 2018 and see where the food took them.

The café name, SIMPLE., completely ties into their philosophy - simple, unprocessed, mom's cookin' kind of food, using local ingredients when available, which they prepare daily for you.

Jump forward to 2021 and his initial dream of opening his first retail location has come true. SIMPLE. partnered with the Terceira family to begin offering wholesome delicious food at their Warwick South Shore Gas Station.


This location now offers hot buffet options throughout the day, catering services on request, as well as the delicious baked goods, pastries and snack options you've come to know SIMPLE. for. And as you'd expect at any café, various hot & cold coffees and teas as well as other cold drinks are readily available all day.

SIMPLE. will also offer meal prep + planning again in the near future.


All items are made in-house with unprocessed ingredients; we also offer foods made with vegan and gluten free ingredients.

At SIMPLE., the goal is to start a new way of thinking about food and food service by offering our guests not only interesting & inventive foods but also a café serviced by people that care about each and every order they prepare.

We make available our baked goods ingredient list (online) so our guests can make informed decisions about their purchases.

We care about the environment; that's why we make every effort to use reusable materials.  While plastic itself can stay in landfills for centuries, reusable materials can be re-purposed and utilized for long periods of time, thereby reducing the impact on our planet. We use eco-friendly reusable utensils, cups and serving dishes when available.

Wish us luck and let us know what you would like to enjoy on your tables!

Toney & Vikki

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