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(meal prep service on hold for the moment)

Meal service is offered on a subscription-style basis (minimum weekly meals delivered per person are two).

You let us know your food likes, dislikes and/or allergies and we craft a weekly menu for you (this menu changes weekly). We purchase the ingredients for your food. 


At the end of each week, we bill you for the ingredients as well as a flat prep fee for you (the prep fee is dependent on the complexity of the menu and will include DropIt's delivery fee).

At the end of each week, you will receive an itemized bill showing your food receipts and the prep fee. Payment can be made online at HSBC.

Meals are delivered by DropIt on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons (between the Causeway & Warwick). If you live outside of these delivery zones, we can deliver to you in Hamilton on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

The average cost per meal for our customers ranges depending on the ingredients chosen & the meal complexity. 


By design, we plan healthier meal options - we do not fry any foods; we use sugars very rarely and when we do, try to use natural sugars (i.e. honey for a marinade) and we cook with less processed grains (browns/blacks/reds).


This is a general summary and can change based on specific dietary requirements. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link. 

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